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12° award 2021

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Oasis Sapori Antichi

Tradition and passion, these are the unaltered pillars of this small jewel of the Fischetti family that can attract enthusiasts from all over. The sensations that are perceived in the Oasis rooms infused by the retro-chic atmosphere are warmth, serenity and ease. The dining room is visibly cared for and regenerated with a classic but never trivial manner. You can perceive in the air aromas and sounds of a kitchen with years of experience behind its belt. Overall, as soon as you step into this place, you get the impression you are playing a game of chess for your senses. Where one by one, your perceptions are attracted towards a wisely traced path, made up of growing emotions which, passing through the streets of sight to the sense of smell, they approach the goal of taste. There are four menus for four different occasions. Four proposals for various palate types. All are very interesting, including the wine pairing proposed by the sommeliers of the establishment. The “à la carte” proposals are also good in terms of substance and tend to underline the kitchen’s intention of presenting first courses that contain fresh pasta, preceded by the famous house soups. Soups are the true flag-bearers of dishes that preserve tradition. Then there are are, of course, proposals of simple origin with some seafood influences. A prequel to the actual tasting is the bread, all strictly homemade, accompanied during our visit by a welcoming bon bon of eggplant parmigiana followed by a combination of beef carpaccio on fleur de sel, cow-milk stracciatella and Menaica salted anchovy mayonnaise. The mixed dish of the house is presented with pork cheek with black pepper, a cellar ham, roasted pork served warm on a bed of seasonal vegetables and sweet cheese, with the inevitable ricotta of Fuscella. This is a beginning that leaves no room for interpretation and that speaks of a profound link with the geography of the place. History is perfectly embodied in the soup of the day: a little adagio of zucchini talli on a bed of mashed potatoes, all with the scent of bergamot. It’s like time travelling to Italy in the 1950s where all dishes where a type of soup and soup was the whole meal. Simple in concept, sophisticated in the combination, as tasty as you would expect it to be. The tones are refined with the arrival of the first course, the true value of cuisine only poor in label. Ravioli with ricotta, walnut sauce and burnt garlic is a good example of a dish that cannot be missed, giving sense to a journey that hardly fades over time. They are light, tasty and incredible when combined with a glass of wine. We get another round and then the second course appears: a three-dimensional picture embodied in the true sense of the word Cappello di Prete accompanied by a base of celeriac cream spiced with pink pepper and lime. A wise construction with a fresh and pungent scent. The ending could only conclude with a sweet note, entrusted to the creamed ricotta with coffee, walnuts and lemon which nicely tops off a cuisine that is really well orchestrated and laboriously focused on the end result. The wine list is good for depth and refinement. Unlike that of the coffee, which is served only in the espresso version and in a single blend.
Michelina Fischetti
Via Provinciale, 8, 83050 Vallesaccarda AV, Italia
Aperto dal lunedì al sabato a pranzo e cena; domenica solo a pranzo

closing day:
una settimana a luglio e 3 settimane a gennaio
not to be missed:
zuppe del giorno - ravioloni di ricotta in salsa di noci e aglio bruciato
Risorsa 16
Risorsa 16
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suitable for people with mobility difficulties
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