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50 Top Italy Luxury 2022

2° Grand Hotel a Villa Feltrinelli
Villa Feltrinelli

Migliore Carta dei Vini 2022 - Prosecco DOC Award

At the end of the 19th century, the construction project for this romantic villa took seven years to complete. The history of Italy has been marked in this villa. The rooms housed Mussolini along with his offices for some years. He was particularly bothered by the large magnolia that partially covered his view. The furnishings are vintage, with marble floors, frescoes and stuccoes that are rendered less dramatic thanks to the brightness of the environment and the youthful pace of the service. The breakfast is very refined with much attention put into detail. Everything about this location is splendid, however, the most beautiful pearl of this venue is the cuisine of Chef Stefano Baiocco. He has hidden a small well-stocked vegetable garden with herbs and flowers among the centuries-old trees. This is a kitchen that starts from a vegetable base and is precise, modern and fun. You can perceive the remarkable technical work put into the dishes aimed at reaching a unique taste. The objective is also to make sure the dishes are in harmony with the landscape.  The adjectives that best describe this venue are personality, uniqueness and character.  It is a location that should not be missed.
Stefano Baiocco
Via Rimembranza, 38, 25084 Gargnano, BS, Italia
0365 798000
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