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3° award 2020

nella categoria Ristoranti fino a 120€

28 Posti

premio speciale 2020:

The “juggler” chef Marco Ambrosino always has a surprise for his guests up his sleeve. From Procida and classically trained at the restaurant “Il Melograno” and in the kitchens of Noma, he came to 28 Posti in 2014. He has entered into a collaboration with some cooperatives which include ONLUS, ONG and other associations for environmental sustainability.
The remodel of the structure, in fact, was carried out by inmates from the Istituto Penitenziario di Bollate. Futhermore, the furnishings were designed thanks to the Liveinslums ONLUS association inside the prison in the carpentry laboratory. Tables, doors and other pieces were constructed there through a collaboration with the designer Francesco Faccin and the master cabinet-maker Giuseppe Filippini.
At the center of the project is the cooking. It is authentic and seasonal, rich in Mediterranean culture with research into products from northern Europe and Asia.
Marco Ambrosino is a cooking teacher at the Food Genius Academy in Milan and he also collaborates with Corso Superiore di Cucina Italiana di ALMA Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana. He founded the l’Associazione Collettivo Mediterraneo to raise awareness about biodiversity and Mediterranean gastronomic traditions.
At 28 Posti you can choose a tasting sequence of 5 courses, 8 courses or 10 (60, 80 and 90 euros respectively) and there is a small à la carte menu. We advise trusting the chef and requesting the restaurant’s “musts” such as the “spaghettini, with fermented pasta water, and legume miso” or the “Chiajozza” with mantis shrimp, sea urchin, maritime pine and cappuccino cabbage: it is an explosion of flavors that will take you straight to Ischia through the crystalline Mediterranean waters. For lovers of lamb try the “terrina di agnello, with black cabbage, fermented cucumber and Mediterranean curry.” It is a course composed of three dishes with a lamb base, one of which is a pizza/pita.
The wine list comes from a nice sourcing of quality labels from small producers and artisan wine makers. The wines come from small vineyards managed by companies that are often family run and which respect their own territory.
It is a small, welcoming restaurant with a window where you can take a peek at the kitchen, a menu full of surprises and impeccable service.

Marco Ambrosino
Via Corsico, 1, Milano, MI, Italia
accessible by public transport
mar. solo a cena; da mer. a dom. pranzo e cena

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spaghettini, acqua di pasta fermentata, miso di legumi
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Risorsa 16
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