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Al Mercato Burger Bar

Since 2011 Al Mercato Burger Bar has been a fixed landmark for Milanese hamburger proposals. In the heart of the historic center, it is a small place with fifteen or so seats, no reservations available, and a glass entrance door where you write your name on the waiting list for a seat. The kitchen is in view and in the same space as the restaurant but in the next shop window over. It is where you need to go should you need to make use of the restrooms. It is informal, warm and cozy. The menu offers classic proposals and more unusual specialties, and delicious, sinful side dishes. The buns are matched to their fillings. For example, the classic hamburger is paired to a pan brioche made with potato flour and poppy and pumpkin seeds. The sauces are fantastic, from the spicy mayonnaise to the delicate aioli. The frying of the frattaglie is dry and crunchy, the liver is very delicate. There is an attentive, detailed cooking of the hamburger (demonstrated by our order of two sandwiches, one medium well, and another medium rare) and the correct waiting time for the salamandra. The quality of the meat is indisputable, including the crunchy bacon that gives additional saltiness and a gratifying smoky flavor.

chef: Eugenio Roncoroni
location: Italia
Milano - Via Sant'Eufemia, 16, 20122 Milano, Italia
accessible by public transport
opening: da mar. a dom. pranzo e cena;

closing day: lunedì
telephone: 02 87237167
not to be missed: Hamburger a piacimento e Frattaglie fritte
Risorsa 16
Tasting menu no
air conditioning
free wifi

pets allowed