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All’Osteria Bottega

The Osteria Bottega has been a landmark for Emilian cooking for years; it is truly a temple of “bolognesità”. It is one of those places that is highly recommended for those who wish to feel the authentic atmosphere of a Bologna osteria. In the dining area you will find a genuine oste, Daniele Minarelli, who lives up to his fame with his quick wit. The antipasto around these parts cannot be but the Felsineo mortadella (after Pasquini’s death they have been supplied by the quintessential Bolognese company Zola Predosa) that is proposed by the oste and the excellent “Carciofini sott’olio preparati dalle donne di Bentivoglio” (preserved mini artichokes) which are truly delicate and crunchy. Fortunately, the evening is warm and the wait at our table under the nearby portico in Via Saragozza is pleasant. The tortellini in gurnard broth are a dreamlike epiphany, and never disappoint. The tagliatelle al ragù is good, opulent, fat and rich. Even the highly-anticipated cotoletta alla Bolognese, the trademark dish at Osteria Bottega, is absolutely a must. The roasted rabbit with cheese and bell pepper is good and well-balanced. Finally, the baked potatoes are reminiscent of our grandmother’s cooking. The Osteria Botegga lives up to its fame; it is a sure bet. The classic zuppa inglese is served without cocoa, as Artusi had originally intended. The rice cake is an authentic traditional Bolognese version. The cream gelato is lovely. Faithful to tradition, there is no written wine list, rather they are proposed at your table by Minarelli, who you can trust with your decision.

chef: Fabrizio Monti
location: Italia
Bologna - Via Santa Caterina, 51, 40123 Bologna, Bologna BO, Italia
accessible by public transport
opening: da mar. a sab. pranzo e cena

closing day: DOMENICA E LUNEDì
Variabili in agosto
telephone: 051585111
not to be missed: Carciofini sottolio fatti dalle Donne di Bentivolgio
Risorsa 16
Tasting menu no
to booking: click here
air conditioning

pets allowed