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Antica Salumeria Granieri Amato

Here the porchetta is the quintessential incarnation of authentic and succulent Umbria gastronomy. Every bite has the flavor of history and tradition. This wonderful creation is made by Alessandro Granieri who follows an old family recipe in Casalalta. The story, in fact, goes back more than a century, and still endures only because it truly deserves it: from the excellent-quality pork, to the long cooking time in a wood-fired oven that gives it a perfect cooking, to the mix of herbs and spices that it is massaged with to flavor the meat. The kiosk, which is in the heart of the city center, offers the possibility to try it in its classic version or in valid gourmet variations. An example is the “1916”, a sandwich with porchetta, roasted apple, mustard, raisins and walnuts, or the “Leone d’oro”, with porchetta, provola, roasted potatoes and tabasco. Artisan wines and beers are available as well as house-made cured meats that have no preservatives, such as culatello, prosciutto, salami and many others.

Piazza Giacomo Matteotti, Perugia, PG, Italia
accessible by public transport
tutti i giorni dalle 09.00 alle 20.00

closing day:
Sempre aperto
335 547 3909
Risorsa 16
Tasting menu
suitable for people with mobility difficulties