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Il Faro di Capo d’Orso

Enjoying a dish while watching the dazzling panorama enriches the flavors and evokes a surplus of emotions. The food complimented by the view alone could be a parameter for evaluation. The philosophy of the Faro di Capo D’Orso is to exist in harmony with the surrounding landscape; even the dining area was created with a zero-environmental impact design. Francesco Sodano has arrived here at the Farro with the not-so-easy task of following in the footsteps of the family chef, Pierfranco Ferrara. But the thirty-year-old cook comes with excellent experience from abroad, including two years with Oliver Glowig. He got himself noticed immediately with his menu full of ideas that have a Mediterranean style with a look towards the Orient, and a good technique. Elegant yet without hubris, the starred restaurant which is still owned by the Ferrara family, is an oasis of enjoyment and remains one of the symbols for hospitality and good cooking on the coast. The antipasti are vivacious, the house-made bread is excellent, the oil is magnificent, and the presentations are sober yet with fragrances and flavors of substance. The wine list is one of the best in Italy, with tastings of great vintages available. In the tasting menu we see flashes of genius such as the noble egg yolk with cream of black garlic. There are exotic items such as the ceviche of blue fish, and original pasta dishes such as the linguine with carrots and garum and the risotto with black lemon, capers and bottarga. Among the second dishes there is a perfect baccalà (cod) with Piennolo tomato dust, pil pil with chives and eggplant cream. Another seafood dish is the triglia with lettuce and vanilla, tamarindo and smoked jus with marrow. The marinated yellowtail is served in a cream of fat liver with miso, Salina capers and an Amalfi fragrance. The pre-desserts are wonderful, among which is a gelato with pumpkin and robiola. And finally the desserts: Latte e Cereali (goat milk, brownie, a venere rice ganache and muesli), Mai dire Mais (cream of corn, popcorn, and salted butter), and the Dolce non Dolce with chocolate, caramel, salt and oil.

Francesco Sodano
Strada Statale Amalfitana, 44, Maiori, SA, Italia
da mer. a lun. pranzo e cena

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Linguine carote e garum
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