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Le Zendraglie

Tripe is the protagonist in this typical trattoria. Served with salt and lemon, it is locally known as ‘O per and ‘o muss. It is an excellent dish; it is fresh, straightforward, and surprisingly light. The parts of the cow used offer an uplifting variation of textures on the palate. The best is the breast; it is the most compact, flavorful and prestigious among all of the ingredients. The variation called La variante al sugo has a rich and opulent aspect, but is also surprisingly delicate. The aromatic strength of the tomato overpowers the quality of the raw materials. Nevertheless, the acidity compensates for the sweetness of the meat giving the palate a perfect balance of flavor. The other strong suit of the trattoria is their seafood. We appreciated the originality of the spaghetti with calamari and peas. The was limited by a certain separateness among the ingredients, but on the whole the dish is satisfying.
The portions are always generous, the service is family-style, and the dining room is simple. Overall the cooking is admirable, but the quality of the tripe remains the main reason for a visit here.

chef: Antonio Moglie
location: Italia
Napoli - Via Pignasecca, 14, 80134 Napoli, Napoli, Italia
accessible by public transport
opening: da lun. a gio. dalle 9.00 alle 20.30; Ven. e sab. pranzo e cena;

closing day: Domenica
Due settimane ad agosto
telephone: 081 551 1993
not to be missed: Trippa sale e limone.
Risorsa 16
Tasting menu no
air conditioning