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Ristorante Lido 84

You will find this delicious restaurant on the western shore of Lake Garda. Delicious because of the care taken by the Camaini brothers in curating all of the details. Dining with a view of the lake is a small luxury. There is so much light at lunchtime which is reflected off of the white tablecloths and becomes another element to spoil you. Giancarlo will take care of you with grace and courtesy together with his staff in the dining area. A guest is never left feeling alone nor uncomfortable. In the kitchen Riccardo is one of the current best interpreters of Italian cuisine. It is an avant garde cooking by the chef from Bergamasca, which however is based on classic dishes and is always easily processed without ever sacrificing flavor. After your welcome, there is an immediate strong beginning with the cream of turnip celery, burnt almond and carob syrup. The cuttlefish, eel butter, and cream of topinambur is as simple in its execution as it is complex in flavour. The cacio e pepe rigatoni (Roman pecorino and pepper) are one of Riccardo’s most iconic dishes. It is made by putting all of the raw ingredients in a pork bladder. The result is truly incredible. The pasta is right on target, tenacious, and the harmony among the ingredients is perfect. The rice with roasted tomato, prune sauce, vermouth and sancho peper and the agnolotti with oxtail, white watermelon mustard, and bitter herb juice, complete the series of pasta dishes. Among the seconds, the char-grilled sarda from the lake, with vinegar, honey and bergamot makes quite an impression. You could not ask for a more traditional recipe, which has been revisited and updated with modern techniques. To close the meal we suggest you try all of the desserts on the menu, but if you were to choose just one, opt for the torta alle rose (rose cake), baked to order, with zabaione and lemons from Garda. The service is light and elegant, as is the cooking. The markups on the wines, as with the bill itself will have you thinking you have just made one of the best deals of your life.

Riccardo Camanini
Corso Zanardelli, 196, Gardone Riviera, BS, Italia
da gio. a lun. pranzo e cena

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martedì e mercoledì
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rigatoni cacio e pepe
Risorsa 16
Risorsa 16
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