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Mamm Ciclofocacceria

Puglia tradition, originality, passion for bicycles and respect for the environment are the basic values at Mamm Ciclofocacceria. It is an establishment with a unique design; it is young and welcoming, situated in an easy-to-reach part of Udine. You can stop here to try tasty and quality focaccias exclusively from Puglia. They are light and healthy, prepared with a sourdough starter, semi-wholegrain flour with zero food miles, Puglia durum wheat flour, burnt wheat, boiled potatoes and extra virgin olive oil. The slow leavening period of 24 hours guarantees a heightened digestibility and an unmistakable flavor. Furthermore, all of the ingredients used are top quality: burrata and Malga cheeses, Pantelleria capers, Taggiasche olives, mortadella from Bologna and Sicilian anchovies. Not only is there great care in the selection of the raw materials to create old-fashioned taste, but there is also dedication to a lifestyle that is respectful of the environment. One interesting thing about the place is that there is no table service. It is strictly self-service and after you have finished you must leave your table clean and empty your tray in the recycling bins. The staff is always present and is cordial and attentive.

chef: Roberto Notarnicola
location: Italia
Udine - Largo del Teatro, 2, 33100 Udine, UD, Italia
accessible by public transport
opening: Lun. a pranzo; da mar. a sab. pranzo e cena;

closing day: Domenica
telephone: 342 619 1801
not to be missed: Focaccia pugliese classica con pomodorini
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pets allowed