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Michelangelo Masoni Macelleria e Bistrot

In the center of Viareggio, just two steps from the sea, Michelangelo Masoni ia the deus ex machina of the Macelleria Bistrot that bears his name. When first entering the place, the butcher’s counter makes quite an impression. It is only supplied with meat from a “Complete Supply Chain.” In fact, Masoni has decided to serve his customers only with meat which he has personally seen to right from birth.
The service is particularly careful to illustrate the philosophy of the bistrot and to guide the customer in the choice of the dishes. There is a wide choice from the antipasti with a base of “giardiniera” (vegetables) that are produced by the bistrot itself, to the raw meat, both tartars and carpaccios, to the beef steaks prepared with unusual cuts by the expert hand of the butcher, to the pork with exquisite preparations such as the pork ribs or the shank.
The wine list allows for excellent pairings with the chosen dishes.
For meat lovers, this bistrot is a must, both in terms of quality and for the variety of choice available.

chef: Fabrizio Mazzantini
location: Italia
Viareggio - Via San Martino, 144, 55049 Viareggio LU, Italia
accessible by public transport
opening: da lun. a mer. a pranzo; da gio. a sab. pranzo e cena

closing day: (Italiano) domenica
telephone: 0584 630138
not to be missed: (Italiano) TARTARE, PORK RIBS, GRAN CRUDO
Risorsa 16
Tasting menu no
to booking: click here
suitable for people with mobility difficulties
air conditioning