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Antica Osteria del Mirasole

It is truly worth the trip to San Giovanni in Persiceto, through the fog and the speed cameras, to step through the door at Mirasole. Crossing the threshold is like entering a small antique world with curated details, respect for tradition, research in flavor and a lot of determination to do good. It is not surprising that the osteria, which opened forty years ago with its then young chef Franco Cimini, has won over not only the favor, so much as the hearts of its customers and gastronomic critics. And then, that menu…. It is the classic list of dishes that poses the sad task of having to choose only two or three when you wish you could try each one of them. A note of merit goes to the listing of the producers that the osteria uses for its products. Among the many, the caseficio San’Angleo in Caretti needs a special mention because it belongs to the family. Among the antipasti you absolutely must try the great Emilian cured meats, but also the escargot (a must in Bassa Emiliana), the prosciutto from Frisona, and the bread, butter and anchovies from the Cantabrico sea. As for the pasta dishes, being in Emilia, the decision becomes really difficult. But the tortellino with cream from skimmed milk (absolutely no industrial cream allowed) is a delicacy for all your senses. As for the second courses, you should take advantage of the little stone fireplace inside the restaurant to taste the char-grilled aged beef steak, or other meat specialties. For those who love offal, you will find sweetbreads, kidneys and tripe, and meatball lovers will be as happy as a child. The wine list is well-constructed with more than acceptable markups. Excellent desserts.

Franco Cimini
Via Giacomo Matteotti, 17 40017 San Giovanni In Persiceto, BO
accessible by public transport
mer. solo a cena; da gio. a lun. pranzo e cena

closing day:
Martedì tutto il giorno, mercoledì a pranzo
Variabili tra fine luglio e agosto
051 821273
not to be missed:
Tortellini alla crema di latte (panna da affioramento)
Risorsa 16
Risorsa 16
Tasting menu
suitable for people with mobility difficulties
air conditioning
free wifi

pets allowed