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1° award 2020

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Osteria Francescana

premio speciale 2020:

If you have the patience to make a reservation, you will manage to get a table at the Osteria Francescana and you will enter into what is not only the best restaurant around, but a place where the food reaches the highest possible apex of art form and culture. The dishes at the Francescana are a synthesis of the strength of the chef Bottura to create his own personal style while maintaining the ability to recount the story of Italy. Massimo imposes a model that is first and foremost cultural in his cooking, where national pride is the principle element. “Come una grigliata in astratto” is a dish with raw sea urchin, which however has the fragrance of being grilled, essential oils with basil, bottarga, a tomato gelatin and then ice-cold mozzarella which sits on top. “Spaghetti tra il golfo di Napoli e Hokkaido” – here the traditional Neapolitan prawns meet the orient with sea urchin from Hokkaido on a gazpacho of tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, celery and aromatic herbs. It is an incredible bite of the sea and vegetable garden that delights, constructed with knowledge and balance among the different elements which are tied together by the pasta. Then we pass to the great classics, 5 different ageings of parmesan at different temperatures and consistencies and the tortellini with cream of parmesan, which is decadent and enjoyable as few things are. Then on to the “La faraona in tre servizi.” First a Chinese ravioli stuffed with roasted potatoes with a “bisque” of guineafowl and crunchy parmesan, then the guineafowl stuffed with bollito non bollito, and finally the paté of liver and chocolate, a savor of Cotogna apple and black truffle. To close “ops… mi è caduta la crostatina,” a dessert that is not sweet and which summarizes the meal. The service is kind and attentive, considerate and not stiff. It is directed by Giuseppe Palmieri. To drink you may choose from a well-stocked cantina, or you can entrust Palmieri with the choice. The pairings may be at times unusual, but are always right on target. L’Osteria Francescana is the best you can find around. At least once in your lifetime, give yourself this gift. You can choose both from à la carte or opt for a tasting menu, a true luxury.

Massimo Bottura
Via Stella, 24, 41121 Modena MO, Italia
da mar. a sab. a pranzo e cena

closing day:
domenica e lunedì
24/25/26 dicembre
Risorsa 16
Risorsa 16
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