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Ranzani 13

Ranzani13 is very well-known and many people go there for the gourmet pizza, which for years has been one of the most popular and favorably-reviewed of Bologna. It is less known for its hamburgers, which in any case have always been another side of Ranzani13. The hamburgers we tried were good quality. The bun is a classic but it is well-made and pleasant. The meat (from the Mandiaoli butcher in Bologna) was very tasty and flavorful in both of the versions we tried. We tried the “Blue Burger” (with Mora Romagnola pancetta, sweet gorgonzola, and grilled mini artichokes) and the “Ranzani” (smoked mozzarella, colonnata lard, dried cherry tomatoes, and mustard), both served with french fries. Tasty sandwiches that are rich, well-made and very flavorful. A fresh, crunchy element such as a slice of a raw vegetable would balance the well-seasoned flavor of the hamburger. The french fries are good. There is a wide and satisfying selection of craft beers, which are well-presented and described by the kind, attentive waitstaff. It is an informal place that is always busy, but despite the noise, it is welcoming and very pleasant. An absolute must among the stuzzicherie is the Mora Romangnola meatball with a heart of smoked scamorza, truly a delight!

location: Italia
Bologna - Via Camillo Ranzani, 5/12, Bologna BO, Italia
accessible by public transport
opening: da lun. a ven. pranzo e cena; sab. e dom. solo cena

closing day: NO
Non indicate
telephone: 0518493743
not to be missed: La polpetta di Mora romagnola
Risorsa 16
Tasting menu no
suitable for people with mobility difficulties
free wifi

pets allowed only small