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La Ravioleria Sarpi

You will find authentic flavors and simplicity straight from China at Ravioleria Sarpi.
The secret is few ingredients, but excellent ones. Whether you wish to try the ravioli – the house specialty – eaten standing at the restaurant or boil them yourself at home, you will be satisfied.
It is certainly one of the best places in Milan for Chinese steamed raviolis.
The secret of the raviolis is the meat which is supplied by the nearby Sirtori butcher. It is a historic bottega right next to the ravioleria that dates all the way back to 1931.
Two fillings are available: meat and cabbage or meat and leaks. Everything is at a decidedly affordable price: 4 raviolis are 2 euros and 50 cents.
The place is a kiosk and it proposes authentic street food. We highly recommend it!

location: Italia
Milano - Via Paolo Sarpi, 27, 20154 Milano Milano, Italia
accessible by public transport
opening: da lun. a dom. pranzo e cena

telephone: 331 887 0596
not to be missed: (Italiano) ravioli