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The Salumeria Roscioli is a modern bottega with a kitchen and wine bar in the heart of Rome, just a few steps from the Antico Forno Roscioli. At the beginning it was a simple family pizzicheria that opened in 1991. Then in 2002 Alessandro and Pierluigi Roscioli inaugurated the restaurant which today is one of the city’s institutions. It has a quality cantina with about 2800 labels including Italian and international bottles.
Nabil Hadj Hassen has been working at the stove here for fifteen years now. He is a chef from Tunisia who is well versed in traditional Roman pasta dishes. The carabonara is the most popular dish, and here it is made to perfection: the guanciale, diced into small cubes, is crunchy and melts in your mouth. The bread basket comes from the Antico Forno Roscioli and includes white pizza just out of the oven, and a variety of other products, such as rye bread with honey and another with figs. Among the antipasti, the bis di Mariozzo stands out. It is known as maritozzetto in the Roman tradition and is made here with Roccaverano DOP robiola cheese, black piglet, and anchovies from Mar Cantabrico. Among the classics, a special mention goes to the ravioli di coda with pecorino. The fresh pasta is house-made. We recommend the Avezzano potato gnocchi with cacio e pepe. It is a delicate, well-balanced dish, with a cream that goes well with the softness of the gnocchi. The menu of second dishes includes some traditional plates, such as the white meatballs alla cacciatora served in summer with a purè of potatoes and macadamia nuts, or some selections of raw and cooked fish. There is also an interesting selection of cheeses and cured meats on the menu.

chef: Nabil Hadj Hassen
location: Italia
Roma - Via dei Giubbonari, 21/22, 00186 Roma, Roma, Italia
accessible by public transport
opening: da lun. a sab. pranzo e cena

closing day: Domenica
telephone: 066875287
not to be missed: Carbonara
Risorsa 16
Menu link
Risorsa 16
Tasting menu no
air conditioning
free wifi

pets allowed only small