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(Italiano) SASEADA – Sebaderia Artigianale

In the heart of Cagliari, a few steps from Corso Vittorio Emanuele, Saseada will immerse you in the tradition of the Seadas. Stone walls with wooden beams on the ceiling decorate this small locale, where take-away service is also available. The great chalkboard displays the daily choices. You can choose from a variety of honeys and doughs. The Sala Giala is a Seadas with San Gavino saffron, with orange honey and mixed cheeses, truly exquisite. The stuffing is generous with authentic flavors. The Sa Signorichedda made with Sardinian soft wheat flour and cow cheese from Arborea is highly recommended. A few beers or a nice Moscato are available to accompany your meal. A piece of artisan, genuine Sardegna in the ever more beautiful city of Cagliari.

location: Italia
Cagliari - Via Porto Scalas, 25, 09124 Cagliari CA, Italia
opening: da lun. a sab. a cena

closing day: (Italiano) domenica
telephone: 070 467 0054
not to be missed: Sa Signorichedda