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Scirocco – Sicilian Fish Lab

In the heart of the charming mercato della Pescheria di Catania, Scirocco- Sicilan Food Lab, is an obligatory stop when in search of tasty Sicilian street food. Enjoy a crunchy fish fry (super fresh and straight from the nearby market stalls) while immersing yourself in the folklore of this busy and ancient trading post. The boiled octopus is also a must; it is seasoned simply with oil and lemon. More ravenous customers can opt for the fish meatballs, the sardines a beccafico or, why not, an arancino. All of the fried options are served in the traditional “coppu” or paper cone which is convenient to travel with if you opt for take away. To complete the offer there is a selection of organic beverages with a base of Sicilian citrus fruits, craft beers and, of course, a good Etna Rosso.
The place is perfect for a fast, delicious lunch when you want to sightsee in the city.

location: Italia
Catania - Piazza Alonzo Di Benedetto n.7 95121 – Catania
accessible by public transport
opening: da lun. a dom. pranzo e cena

telephone: 095 8365148
not to be missed: Fritto senza spine
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Tasting menu no
pets allowed