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38° award 2020

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This place has two branches in Milan and specializes in hamburgers. There are diverse variations to choose from, from the bread to the meat. White bread or bun, with or without sesame seeds. Buffalo meat from Campania, Piemonte fassona or chicken, and vegan options as well. The same meats are used to prepare meatballs, another house specialty. You can choose from condiments such as the “cipollato” (with a base of red onions from Tropea), avocado or jalapeño, and cheeses to put in your sandwich. These include the classic cheddar, smoked provola, provolone del Monaco, sweet gorgonzola, or Andria burrata. For a few euros more you can add ingredients such as a red onion reduction or a prune reduction. There is a small selection of beers to accompany your meal. The place is done in a minimalistic style with limited seating on stools.

location: Italia
Milano - Piazza Ventiquattro Maggio, 6, Milano, Italia
accessible by public transport
opening: da lun. a dom. pranzo e cena

closing day: nessuno
telephone: 02 8324 1074
not to be missed: (Italiano) Burger con fassona piemontese, melanzana viola alla piastra, pomodorini ciliegini essiccati e provolone del Monaco
Risorsa 16
Tasting menu no
air conditioning
pets allowed only small