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It is rare to find a place like Panecotto. It is a place where importance is given to the work of the disabled and refugees who have escaped their homelands. This is done through an ethnic cuisine which recounts Matera’s enogastronomic patrimony and by using products from a short supply chain and social agriculture. It can be found in the heart of the historic center inside an antique rock dwelling dug out of the tuff rock and decorated in a sober and well-kept manner. Among the dishes on the menu – which does not include any pasta dishes – you can choose the “panecotto” (we recommend the one with bread from Matera, covered in fava beans, chicory, caciocavallo cheese and crumbled bell pepper crusco), the typical “cialledda” (a salad of bread with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, celery, arugula, oregano, onion, lemon and oil from Basilicata) or traditional farmer’s soups. The meal is closed with excellent house-made desserts. The wine list is short and, quite rightly, includes wines from the local territory.

location: Italia
Matera - Vico B. Buozzi, 10 75100 Matera · Basilicata
opening: da mar. a dom. pranzo e cena

closing day: lunedì
telephone: 0835 331325
not to be missed: Panecotto Della Bruna
Risorsa 16
Tasting menu no
suitable for people with mobility difficulties
air conditioning
free wifi

pets allowed