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In the Sant’Ambrogio quarter, to the side of the market, you will find Semel. It is a place that, as the owner will explain with great theatrics, owes its name to the panino “semellino.”
The paninoteca is small but welcoming with wood furnishing and a few stools to allow the customers to sit and enjoy the original proposals. They are prepared and served exclusively in the panino that gives its name to the establishment.
There are no classic panini with sliced cured meats or salamis, but only the inventions of the managers who propose panini that can only be defined as “gourmet,” but at an affordable price.
Some toppings are available every day, others alternate during the various days they are open.
In the semel, it is possible to try roasted piglet with datterino tomatoes, smoked herring with pecorino and pachino, braised donkey with polenta and eggplant, or hake in zemin, just to name a few of your options for a fun lunch.
The food can be accompanied by the classic “gottino” of red wine.

location: Italia
Firenze - Piazza Lorenzo Ghiberti, 44, Firenze, FI, Italia
accessible by public transport
opening: da lun. a ven. a pranzo

not to be missed: Panino ripieno di brasato di ciuco con polenta e melanzane
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