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Trippa Milano

Born from a collaboration between a communicative marketing expert, Pietro Caroli (today an excellent maître), and the Veneto chef Diego Rossi, Trippa is an authentic and contemporary trattoria that was inaugurated in the summer of 2015 in Porta Romana. It is a welcoming restaurant with a menu that satisfies meat lovers. It has a sustainable cuisine made with poorer cuts of meat (or fish), wild herbs and seasonal vegetables, no frills and a lot of substance. The décor is simple at Trippa, the waitstaff is kind and smiling, the portions are generous and the menu is clear and eloquent; 4 antipasti, 3 minestre, 3 second dishes, 2/3 off-menu selections, and 4 desserts.
There is lot of meat, but also traditional soups such as the one with cicerchie, collo di montone and pecorino, or the risotto all’aceto (vinegar), chicken liver and saba. Do not miss the tonnato beef, which is now considered a must at Trippa. There is the trippa (tripe) of the day, obviously, and the coda di vitello with mixed spices. For lovers of strong flavors, try the char-grilled marrow.
Every day the chef proposes new dishes based on the availability of products and, as the menu says, based on his mood.
Trippa is always crowded and we advise booking a table well in advance.
The restaurant is open six evenings a week, from Monday to Saturday and guarantees a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere.

At a time where you only hear about ethnic cooking, shabby-chic places and poke locales in Milan, this new trattoria brings us back to our roots with ease and in a totally novel way: back to the future

Diego Rossi
Via Giorgio Vasari, 3, Milano, MI, Italia
accessible by public transport
da lun. a sab. solo a cena

closing day:
not to be missed:
vitello tonnato, la trippa del giorno e la coda di vitello al tamaro
Risorsa 16
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suitable for people with mobility difficulties