Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo DOC 2019 and

“Annamaria Clementi” Franciacorta Rosé Riserva Extra Brut DOCG 2011

topped the podium of their two respective rankings

Prosecco Rosé DOC is this year’s great novelty for the wine making sector.

Amerighi and Ceraudo completed the podium of the still wine category finishing, respectively, in second and third place. Same for Ferrari, in second, and Ballabio, in third place, for the sparkling ranking.

Special awards go to Leone De Castris, San Salvatore, Barone Pizzini,

Donnafugata, Ca’ di Rajo and Letrari.

Puglia, Sicily and Calabria are the most represented regions for the still wines’ category. 

Lombardy, Trentino and Piemonte for the sparkling wines’ one.


Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo DOC 2019 by Valentini and “Annamaria Clementi” Franciacorta Rosé Riserva Extra Brut DOCG 2011 by Ca’ del Bosco are, respectively, the best still rosé wine and best sparkling rosé wine for 2021 edition. To reward them is 50 Top Italy Rosé, the brand-new online guide curated by Adele Elisabetta Granieri and Chiara Giorleo belonging to the 50 Top brand. 50 Top is an editorial project which has garnered great success over the past years thanks to its worldwide rankings of the best pizzerias and restaurants. Its success is especially due to the assessment criteria which have now become its trademark and that distinguishes 50 Top from other guides.

The awards ceremony, conducted by wine influencer Chiara Giannotti of Vino.tv, was broadcast online on Thursday 27th May from the Island of Procida, the Italian Capital of Culture for 2022.  The live streaming, broadcast on the 50 Top Italy, LucianoPignataroWineBlog and Vino.tv channels, enjoyed a large number of viewers.  This was especially thanks to the exciting countdown which (virtually) showcased some of the best wine producers that the Italian peninsula has to offer. So, the best rosé wines have been announced from the fiftieth to the first positions for both rankings:  50 Top Italy – Still Rosé, for the best still rosé wines in Italy, and 50 Top Italy – Sparkling Rosé, for the best sparkling rosé wines in Italy (various methods).

On the podium, in second place for the still wine category, right behind the iconic label by Valentini, has finished “Syrah Rosa” Toscana Rosato IGT 2020 by Stefano Amerighi.  And in third, “Grayasusi” (Silver Label) Calabria Rosato IGT 2020 by Ceraudo family. Whereas, for the sparkling wine category, after the masterpiece produced by Ca’ del Bosco, there is “Giulio Ferrari” Riserva del Fondatore Trento DOC Rosè Extra Brut 2008 by Ferrari and, in third, “Farfalla” Noir Collection Rosè Spumante M.C. Extra Brut by Ballabio winery.

A range of special awards were also conferred. The DS Glass Award for the Winery of the Year 2021 went to Letrari winery which had competed with its Trento DOC Talento Rosè Brut 2018 (at the 7th place of the sparkling wines ranking). The Oleandri Resort Award for the Novelty of the Year 2021 went to the Prosecco Rosé Treviso Doc Brut by Ca’ by Rajo. The Municipality of Procida Award for Honorable Mention 2021 went to the “Five Roses Anniversario” Salento Rosato IGT 2020 by Leone De Castris. The Vinolok Award for Innovation and Environmental Sustainability 2021 went to the Franciacorta Rosé Docg Extra Brut 2016 by Barone Pizzini. The DS Glass Award for Innovative Communication 2021 went to the “Rosa – Dolce&Gabbana Limited Edition” Sicilia Rosato DOC 2020 by Donnafugata. Finally, the Vinolok Award for Best Design 2021, went to “Vetere” Paestum Rosato IGP 2020 by San Salvatore. This is an award that deserves special attention as design is a deciding factor in the success of a wine, and in particular when it comes to rosé. For this reason, a special jury composed of three important experts in the field was created for its conferral:  Vincenzo Russo Ph.D (Coordinator of the Neuromarketing Research Center at IULM University), Cesare Cunaccia (writer, journalist, and brand consultant) and Giampiero Panepinto (architect). This jury was entrusted with the task of evaluating the design of the labels for all of wines contributing to the final score.

The great new entry in the wine making sector is certainly the Prosecco Rosè DOC.  Pinot nero has been coupled with Glera, thereby adding the charm of the rosé nuance to the already irresistible appeal of the Italian style.  This has given life to a product that is ready to invade the international market.

The entire national territory has been represented by a total of 100 wines. However, there was a sharp difference in the regions of origin between the two rankings: still and sparkling wines. In the first case, most of the wineries are located in Central or Southern Italy and, in particular, in the areas which have historically been dedicated to the production of rosé.  First and foremost, Puglia and Sicily (both present with 8 labels), then Calabria (7), Campania (6), Abruzzo (5), Toscana and Piemonte (3), Alto-Adige, Veneto and Lombardia (2), Basilicata, Umbria, Liguria and Friuli Venezia Giulia (1). Whereas, wines from Northern Italy dominates the sparkling wines ranking, with its renowned spumante labels:  Lombardy (with 15 wines, all from Franciacorta and Oltrepò Pavese), Trentino (with 12 Trento DOC), Piemonte (8, the majority from Alta Langa), Veneto (7, including the aforementioned Prosecco Rosé), then Emilia Romagna and Sicily (3), Puglia (2).

“The overall standard – underscore the two curators – is certainly very high in both categories.  The rosé sector is rapidly growing and has recorded significant sale volumes over the last few years. Regardless of the fact that it is often undervalued by the official critics, the rosé typology enjoys a particular appeal among average consumers, thereby leaving the circle of wine enthusiasts.  This is the reason why this new guide, as all projects of the 50 Top brand, aims to target the consumer directly and to be immediately accessible to its readers. 


Main Partners for 50 Top Italy Rosé: Vinolok, DS Glass.

Logistical support: Municipality of Procida, Oleandri Resort.


Here is the complete list of the two rankings and the list of the special awards:


50 Top Italy Rosé – Still Wines 2021

1          Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo DOC 2019 – Valentini

2          “Syrah Rosa” Toscana Rosato IGT 2020 – Stefano Amerighi

3          “Grayasusi” (Etichetta Argento) Calabria Rosato IGT 2020 – Ceraudo

4          Terre Siciliane Rosato IGT 2019 – Bonavita

5          “Rosé d’Amour” Vino Rosato – Possa

6          “Piè delle Vigne” Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo DOC 2018 – Cataldi Madonna

7          Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo DOC 2020 – Tiberio

8          “JeT” Toscana Rosato IGT 2020 – Castello di Montepò

9          Cirò Rosato DOC 2020 – Cataldo Calabretta Viticoltore

10        “Five Roses Anniversario” Salento Rosato IGT 2020 – Leone De Castris

11        “Pellerosa” Roccamonfina Aglianico IGT 2019 – I Cacciagalli

12        “Millemetri” Etna Rosato DOC 2017 – Feudo Cavaliere

13        “Chakra Rosato” Puglia Primitivo Rosato IGT 2020 – Giovanni Aiello enologo per amore

14        “Grecu di Livanti” Sicilia Rosato DOC 2019 – Feudo Disisa

15        Langhe Rosato DOC 2020 – Trediberri

16        “Rosato delle Ripalte” Costa Toscana Rosato IGT 2020 – Tenuta delle Ripalte

17        “Getis” Costa d’Amalfi Tramonti Rosato DOC 2019 – Reale

18        Calabria Rosato IGP 2020 – ‘A Vita

19        Cerasuolo D’Abruzzo DOC 2019 – Valle Reale

20        “Mjère” Salento Rosato IGT 2020 – Michele Calò

21        Alto Adige Lagrein Kretzer DOC 2020 – Cantina Convento Muri – Gries

22        “Rosammare” Terre Siciliane Rosato IGT 2020 – Barraco

23        “Keya” Bardolino Chiaretto Classico DOC 2020 – GUERRIERI RIZZARDI

24        “ED” Costa d’Amalfi Rosato DOC 2020 – Tenuta San Francesco

25        Cirò Rosato DOC 2020 – Scala

26        “Maschitano Rosato” Basilicata IGT 2020 – Musto Carmelitano

27        “Arì” Etna Rosato DOC 2019 – Tenute Mannino di Plachi

28        “299” Rosato In Anfora – Forti del Vento

29        Alto Adige Lagrein Rosé DOC 2020 – Cantina Tramin

30        “Ondarosa” Puglia IGT 2020 – Amastuola

31        “Rosa – Dolce&Gabbana Limited Edition” Sicilia Rosato DOC 2020 – Donnafugata

32        “Nasciolo” Umbria Rosato IGT 2020 – Annesanti

33        “Clâr Delune” Friuli Grave Rosato DOC 2020 – Piera 1899

34        Aglianico del Taburno Rosato DOCG 2020 – Fontanavecchia

35        Bardolino Chiaretto Classico DOC 2020 – Vigneti Villabella

36        “Madamarosè” Sicilia Syrah DOC 2020 – Tasca d’Almerita, Tenuta Sallier de La Tour

37        “Idea Rosa di Primitivo” Puglia IGT 2020 – Varvaglione

38        Rosa del Golfo Salento Rosato IGT 2020 – Rosa del Golfo

39        “RosaMara” Valtènesi Riviera del Garda Classico Chiaretto DOC 2020 – Costaripa, Mattia Vezzola

40        “Il Marinetto” Calabria Rosato IGT 2020 – Sergio Arcuri

41        “Giusi” Cerasuolo D’Abruzzo DOC 2020 – Terraviva

42        “Preafète” Valtènesi Chiaretto DOC 2019 – Podere dei Folli

43        “Celeste” Calabria Rosato IGT 2020 – Cantine Benvenuto

44        “Libertà” Piemonte IGT 2019 – Vigneti Massa

45        “Don Pietro” Terre Siciliane IGT 2019 – Dei Principi di Spadafora

46        “Girofle” Salento Rosato IGP 2020 – Garofano Vigneti e Cantine

47        “Munazei” Lacryma Christi del Vesuvio Rosato DOC 2020 – Casa Setaro

48        “Vetere” Paestum Rosato IGP 2020 – San Salvatore

49        “Terre Lontane” Calabria Rosato IGT 2020 – Librandi

50        “EstRosa” Murgia Primitivo Rosato IGT 2020 – Pietraventosa

50 Top Italy Rosé – Sparkling Wines 2021

1          “Annamaria Clementi” Franciacorta Rosé Riserva Extra Brut Docg 2011 – Ca’ del Bosco

2          “Giulio Ferrari” Riserva del Fondatore Trento Doc Rosé Extra Brut 2008 – Ferrari

3          “Farfalla” Noir Collection Rosé Spumante M.C. Extra Brut – Ballabio

4          “Oudeis” Rosé de Saignée Alta Langa Rosé Docg Brut 2017 – Enrico Serafino

5          “Il Mattaglio” Rosé Spumante M.C. Brut – Cantina della Volta

6          Trento Doc Rosé Extra Brut 2016 – Moser

7          Trento Doc Talento Rosé Brut 2018 – Letrari

8          “Parosé” Franciacorta Rosé Docg Pas Dosé 2015 – Il Mosnel

9          “’61 Nature Rosé” Franciacorta Rosé Docg Dosaggio Zero 2013 – Berlucchi

10        “Mariella” Franciacorta Riserva Rosé Docg Dosaggio Zero 2014 – Contadi Castaldi

11        “Zero de Saignée” Alta Langa Rosé Riserva Docg Pas Dosé 2015 – Enrico Serafino

12        “For England” Alta Langa Rosé Docg Pas Dosé 2016 – Contratto

13        “Mecco” Spumante M.C. Rosé Dosaggio Zero 2015 – Delsignore

14        Franciacorta Rosé Docg Brut 2016 – Bellavista

15        “Saignée della Rocca” Oltrepò Pavese Docg Pinot Nero M.C. Rosé Brut – Conte Vistarino

16        “1673” Rosé Trento Doc Brut 2014 – Cesarini Sforza

17        “Montecérésino” Rosé Oltrepò Pavese M.C. Docg Brut 2014 – Travaglino

18        Trento Doc Rosé Brut – Abate Nero

19        “Piancastello” Rosé Trento Doc Riserva Brut 2015 – Endrizzi

20        “Riserva della Famiglia” Oltrepò Pavese Rosé M.C. Pinot Nero Docg Pas Dosé 2013 – Calatroni

21        Franciacorta Rosé Docg Brut – Mirabella

22        “Altinum” Trento Doc Rosé Brut – Cantina Aldeno

23        Alta Langa Rosé Riserva Brut 2015 – Colombo

24        Franciacorta Rosé Docg Extra Brut 2016 – Barone Pizzini

25        “N” Rosé de Noirs Spumante M.C. Brut 2016 – Deltetto

26        “Cavaliere Nero” Trento Doc Rosé Riserva Extra Brut 2013 – Revì

27        Lambrusco di Sorbara Spumante Doc M.C. Brut 2015 – Cantina della Volta

28        Prosecco Rosé Treviso Doc Brut – Ca’ di Rajo

29        “Caterina di Plachi” Etna Spumante Doc Rosé M.C. Brut 2017 – Tenute Mannino di Plachi

30        “Molinàr” Spumante M.C. Rosé Extra Brut 2016 – Pojer e Sandri

31        Oltrepò Pavese Docg Cruasé Pinot Nero M.C. Rosé Brut – Tenuta Mazzolino

32        “600Uno” Trento Doc Rosé Brut – Concilio

33        Oltrepò Pavese Docg Pinot Nero M.C. Rosé Brut 2013 – Castello di Cigognola

34        Spumante M.C. Rosé Brut 2015 – Parusso

35        Prosecco Rosé Doc Brut 2020 – Bosco del Merlo

36        “Rito” Lambrusco di Sorbara Dop – Zucchi

37        “Ancestrale” Alta Langa Rosé Docg 2014 – Borgo Moncalvo

38        Trento Doc Rosé Brut – Altemasi

39        Spumante M.C. Brut Rosé – D’Araprì

40        Spumante Rosé M.C. Brut 2016 – Donnafugata

41        Incrocio Manzoni 13.0.25 Rosé Extra Brut – Dotta

42        “Jeio” Prosecco Rosé Doc Brut 2020 – Bisol

43        Trento Doc Rosé Brut 2017 – Pisoni

44        Franciacorta Docg Rosé Brut 2016 – Le Marchesine

45        Prosecco Rosé Treviso Doc Brut 2020 – Sorelle Bronca

46        “Simona Natale” Spumante M.C. Dosaggio Zero 2016 – Gianfranco Fino

47        Franciacorta Rosé Docg Brut – Castello Bonomi

48        Prosecco Rosé Doc Brut 2020 – Paladin

49        “Nero 21” Spumante Rosé M.C. Nero d’Avola Sicilia Dop – Coppola 1971

50        Prosecco Rosé Doc Brut 2020 – Masottina


50 Top Italy Rosé – Special Awards 2021    

Honorable Mention for Rosè 2021 – Municipality of Procida Award

“Five Roses Anniversario” Salento Rosato IGT 2020 – Leone De Castris

Best Design 2021 – Vinolok Award

“Vetere” Paestum Rosato IGP 2020 – San Salvatore

Innovation and Environmental Sustainablility 2021 – Vinolok Award

Franciacorta Rosé Docg Extra Brut 2016 – Barone Pizzini

Innovative Communication 2021 – DS Glass Award

“Rosa – Dolce&Gabbana Limited Edition” Sicilia Rosato DOC 2020 – Donnafugata

Novelty of the Year 2021 – Oleandri Resort Award

Prosecco Rosé Treviso Doc Brut – Ca’ di Rajo

Winery of the Year 2021 – DS Glass Award

Trento Doc Talento Rosé Brut 2018 – Letrari



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